Houston, TX -- 12/14/15 -- Bradley Lesley Thompson leads a modest life as a retiree in the Cotswolds, England. A widower of seven years, he now lives in the village of Chipping Campden as the permanent caretaker of an old friend’s cottage. Lesley says his life is now very simple compared to the urban life he once lived in London. “At first I walked to the Village Green in the High Street twice every day… to the cafe for a breakfast of coffee, fried bread, and eggs and then again each evening to the pub for dinner. Besides the fact I don't cook much, I began to think the two trips were a bit much, so I’ve cut out the walk for breakfast. It is just too cold and damp in the mornings. Now I just stay home and heat my digs up as I cook my own breakfast. And I save a few quid.”

“I found this wonderful device on the internet that makes breakfast simple, even for me. It is called a Bacon Pro.” Lesley cooks a pound of bacon at a time. The drippings from the cooking are carefully and easy hoarded for making Fried Bread which he has with poached eggs every other morning…… “I smear both sides of two thick slices of good crusty bread with bacon fat, then cook them in a skillet until they are golden on both sides. On the alternate mornings I have scrambled eggs, bacon and dry toast with marmalade.

”Most days Lesley can be seen in a tweed jacket, wool scarf and Porkpie hat as he walks along High Street towards the pub. Somewhere along the way, he will buy a copy of the Daily Telegraph that he will read a day late the following morning at breakfast. Though it may be hard to pick him out amongst his fellow villagers, if you do see Les, greet him and offer to buy him a pint. And if he asks you over for breakfast, by all means, go!

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