Houston, TX -- 12/14/15 -- Beatrice (known to her family as ‘Bee’), her husband Larry, and their son Tod live in a suburb of Richmond, Indiana. Tod is now a sophomore at Richmond High School (home of the Red Devils), where he’s on the Beatrice and Todsoccer team with afternoon workouts. Tod is kind of a geeky kid. He loves to read science fiction, zones out listening to his music on his phone and fantasizes about working with high-tech gadgetry. “I’ve been after my parents to get me a drone for Christmas… who knows?” he remarks with a shrug of his shoulders. Bee, a very observant Mother, says, “His growth spurts have been in full gear. If you watch closely, you can practically see him growing. Believe it or not, keeping this boy happy is all about feeding him his favorite snack food, bacon.”

“I like to cook up about half a pound of bacon a couple of times a week. You should see the look on Tod’s face when he comes in after soccer practice, starving as usual, and sees the plate I’ve piled high with crispy bacon. Blink and the bacon is gone! …and if his dad’s there, they almost fight over it. Like Father, like Son.”

“Life became much easier when I discovered the Bacon Pro. I can cook up half a pound in a matter of minutes and clean-up is a cinch. No more standing over a skillet, dodging hot grease as it spatters on the stove.”

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