How To Make Perfect Bacon in the Microwave

Here's a great tool help guide you on how much time is needed to cook bacon in a microwave oven using a Bacon Pro. It considers all four of the most influential variables that impact microwave cooking times. The Bacon Pro bacon cooker is the single constant used in the tool.

• Cookware

• Bacon Thickness

• Number of Slices

• Microwave Oven Wattage

The answers described in minutes and seconds helps eliminate the initial guess work out of determining the amount of time necessary to cook bacon.

You will become adept at getting the bacon to come out just the way you like it in no time. Keep a record on the last page of the User Guide to begin with.

How To Use This Tool

1. Click inside the blue cell to view the pull-down menu arrow that will appear to the right

2. Now click on the arrow to view the cell options.

3. Select an option by clicking on it.

After you have made all three of the selections, an answer will be shown in the "Minutes & Seconds" cell.

Most people like to determine how many seconds per slice, so they don’t have to use the “Cook-time Calculator” going forward. To do this, document the three variables after you have found the “sweet spot” for cooking perfect bacon. Perfect bacon is bacon the way you like it. It’s pretty easy, so read on.

Multiply the number of minutes by 60 (now the minutes are in seconds)

Add any odd seconds that were in the answer to those seconds just calculated.

The answer will be somewhere between 25 and 60 seconds per slice.

Armed with that information you can do some quick calculations in your head, on a smart phone, computer, desktop or hand-held calculator around the house. So, let say your microwave cooked perfect bacon at 33 seconds per slice. Now, the next time you cook that same cut of bacon, you just load the slices you want, count them, and then do the quick calculation. Call us if you have questions. . .

Example: 33 seconds per slice was the sweet spot

Number of slices: 15

Multiply: 33 X 15 = 495

Divide: 495 ÷ 60 = 8.25 (Eight minutes and 25 seconds)

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