1) Can you cook the bacon so it's crispy?

Yes, the crispiness is determined by the length of time that the bacon cooks, so set the timer on your microwave oven for a length of time necessary for crisp bacon. As a rule of thumb, 10 seconds per slice is the difference between chewy and crispy. (See "Cook-time Calculator")

2) Some in my family like their bacon a little chewy or rare and some like it crispy, so how can I accommodate all of them at the same time?

Just set the cook time for chewy bacon (less time) and pull theirs off, then recover with the same paper towels and add approximately 20 more seconds per slice for the crispy bacon lovers in the family. You're adding 20 more seconds, because once you've stopped the microwave to pull some off, it takes a while for the microwave to get the molecules spinning to cause friction/heat.

3) Does the bacon break in half if you want your bacon to be flat?

To straighten the bacon flat, just lift the bacon off with tongs while it's still warm. It is pliable while warm and it begins to turn crispy and brittle as it cools. After you lift it off while warm, snag the other end of the bacon on the plate to straighten and bend it out flat. It's pretty easy.

4) I've owned some plates for cooking bacon in microwave before and they were hard to clean. I have to scrub and scrub to remove the bacon particles. It's like they fused with the plate material. Will I have to do the same with yours?

No, in fact we recommend that you avoid scrubbing on our cookware. You'll find that scrubbing is not required. After you've disposed of the grease, with the water running hot, just flush away the particles with a spray nozzle or underneath the faucet. With the cookware still lowered in the sink and with water in it, move the cookware to get the water moving in a circular motion inside the cookware. This will remove any remaining particles. Using "Dawn" liquid detergent helps cut through grease coating the cookware. Did you know that clean-up crews of oil spills often use "Dawn" as one of the best methods for fighting grease build-up. Many professional plumbers also recommend homeowners and restaurant operators to use "Dawn" as a method for keeping their pipes from getting grease build-up on them. It's true.

5) It seems like that it takes longer to cook bacon the way I want it. What am I doing wrong?

Undershooting the cook-time attempting to make certain that don't over cook the bacon, and then adding a minute at-a-time can cause that to take place.

It takes about 30 seconds for the microwave oven to get the water and fat molecules spinning to cause the friction that cooks the bacon. So, use the ("Cook-time Calculator"). It will really help you get it like you want it.

6) It seems as though your price is high. Why is it so high, after all, it's just plastic?

The price of the Bacon Pro is a direct reflection of the cost to manufacture it. We could have chosen to have it manufactured overseas. We could have engineered it so it was cheaper to save on mold and material cost. We could have used a cheap material. Instead, we chose to manufacture the product right here in the good ole' U.S. of ever lovin' A. The design was engineered for durability, function and every day use. The material is an expensive copolymer that was chosen for its heat, acidic, and chemical resistant characteristics. The cookware is safe, it performs better than any other bacon cooker, and it is easy to clean. Bottom line, we set out to develop the Bacon Pro to stand the test of time. We made it just like we thought you would want it made. . . it's the best bacon cooker ever made.

7) I don't have a very big kitchen and I'm wondering where to store it. How large is it?

It is 11" in diameter and 6" tall and It fits in almost every microwave oven made. Those who have very limited storage space, have written to let us know that they store it in the microwave oven. They simply take it out and set it on the counter when they use their microwave for heating other foods. After they're finished, they just put it back in the microwave. Pretty smart.

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