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Bacon Pro's microwave bacon cooker will cook 23 slices of bacon all at once. That's more bacon than any other microwave tray, plate or rack. It's more than twice the bacon that could be cooked by any other method on a stove-top or oven. Who has the time?

On average, sliced bacon is approximately 2" wide and 10" long. Those dimensions present a clear challenge to those who have traditionally cooked bacon in a 10" to 14" diameter skillet. In a skillet, the two slices in the middle fit just fine, but it gets a little difficult as you work your way out toward the edges. You end-up scrunching it all up in an attempt to get more in, but you still end up short. The same is true if you opted to use a larger electric skillet.

You can get a little more on a bun pan for a conventional oven, but who wants to deal with the smoke and the smoke alarm when grease splatters on the heating elements. And, who wants the task of cleaning the oven?

The Bacon Pro bacon cooker is a single molded piece, so there are no parts to lose or assemble. It was designed with two circular cooking racks with a combined linear length of 40 inches. That's 451 square inches of cooking space. That's an enormous amount of cook-space packed into this relatively small device. That is enough cooking space to easily fit 23 or more slices of bacon. It's amazing.

Bacon Cooker Surface Size Comparison Chart

Chart: The electric skillet, griddle, and bun pan used in this chart comparison are the largest models available for home use. Round skillets have even less space.

The Bacon Pro gives you the flexibility to cook just a few slices for yourself or enough for your entire family. It cooks enough bacon for you to invite friends over and it opens-up all kinds of new culinary possibilities for entertaining.

Cooking a large batch of perfectly crisp fresh bacon for breakfast, BLTs, club sandwiches or salads is a breeze with a Bacon Pro. Some of our customers take it to a higher level by adding bacon to casseroles, quiches, and other dishes. Simply precook and freeze them for later use.

It makes life a little easier when you can warm a dish when your time is limited. Go ahead and please your family or guests with great tasting bacon. You can always save any left-over bacon for later use. Bacon is great to have on-hand as a flavor enhancer.

We've had a customer write us to say they have loaded as many as 26 slices of thick cut bacon weighing 2 pounds.

Some kitchen housewares experts believe it is the best bacon cooker ever made.

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